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Subscription bundles (subscriptions and merchandise sold together) are to be sent to the one address only – they can’t be split between two addresses or more. Subscription bundles are available with one-year subscriptions only.



The 2018 Christmas Gift Pack is now available for order. Christmas Gift Pack merchandise (Calendar, Diary, Card Collection, 20th Anniversary magazine, Cap) will be sent separately to OUTBACK magazine. Christmas Gift Pack orders must be received by December 10 to guarantee delivery before Christmas Day. The Christmas Gift Pack is available with a one-year subscription only. Caps and Card Collection are not available for individual sale through OUTBACK. Offer only available while stocks last. 



R.M.Williams OUTBACK is a bi-monthly magazine. R.M.Williams Publishing Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend publication frequencies, prices and schedules at any time. OUTBACK Magazines are sent separately from merchandise. 



Orders marked as gifts are sent to the recipient with a gift card. When a subscription bundle is purchased and marked as a gift, gift cards are sent with the merchandise (includes calendars, diaries and books) rather than OUTBACK magazine. All orders including gifts will be mailed within 10 working days of receipt (aside from pre-order items).


All offers only available while stocks last.

All prices include GST.

Shipping is free within Australia only.