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Shear strength

An all-female shearing team has proven its power on the boards in a fundraising event.

Story By Emily Weekes

Eighteen months ago, shearers Bec Flynn and Sam Westcott decided to get an all-female shearing team together. “We were talking about how it would be good to work in a shed with all girls, because you might get two or three, but you never get the whole shed,” Bec says. “Then we thought, ‘Why not do it for charity?’” At the time, they could not have imagined how far their event, Ducks on the Pond, would go.
Once the catch-cry of men, “Ducks on the pond!” was a coded warning shouted whenever a woman approached the woolshed, a directive for blokes to smarten up their appearance and language. Plenty still remember hearing the phrase thrown about. Yet today, in Victoria’s Western District, it offers a chance to poke fun at an outdated idea and celebrate the passion and pride that’s brought everyone together to raise funds for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

This story excerpt is from Issue #90

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sept 2013

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